Top 5 Best Baseball Pants Reviewed

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If you have spent any amount of time playing or watching baseball, you’ll know that players at all professional and collegiate levels will wear baseball pants. Even organized little leagues and youth leagues will have their kids wearing baseball pants. What is the purpose of baseball pants, and why do so many players wear them? Are they mandatory to play baseball?

Of course, if you’re in a loosely-run league there will be no stipulations about what you can and can not wear for pants. Although some well-organized leagues will mandate their players wear baseball pants, the choice is usually up to the player to decide. But why do so many players then decide to wear them. Let’s look at some of the biggest benefits of wearing baseball pants.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Baseball Pants?

The main purpose of wearing baseball pants is protection for your legs and your knees. If you are a baseball player, it is very likely that you will be getting dirty and sliding at some point during the game. Many actually believe this is an indicator of ‘playing the game the right way’.

While you are playing the game, it is likely that you will have to either dive, make a slide or dirty your pants in some way. Grass and dirt stains can be tough to get out in the wash, and regular pants may even tear or rip if the friction is severe enough. Baseball pants are meant to endure this wear and tear without ripping or staining.

Depending on the position you play, you may need to get different layers of protection in a pair of baseball pants. Catchers take a lot of beating on their pants, as do infielders (especially middle infielders). Outfield you’re likely only going to get some grass stains, although if you are playing on turf it is also possible to experience turf burn.

What Other Accessories Are Needed?

Often with baseball pants you will also need to buy a baseball belt. Most baseball pants have big belt loops that are made for thick baseball belts, while others may even come with a belt that is included and pre-built in.

Another type of accessory that is often worn are baseball stirrups. These are simply high socks that were quite popular several decades ago when players wore pants that didn’t come reach all the way down to their ankles. These days, stirrups are less popular as most baseball pants will reach all the way down to a player’s shoes. Still, some baseball players do like to wear knee-high socks when they play baseball, a throwback to the old school look of former players.

What Types Of Things Should I Look For In A Pair Of Baseball Pants?

Here are some things to pay attention to as you buy a new pair of baseball pants:

  • Comfort: find a pair of baseball pants that fit you well and that are comfortable to wear.
  • Durability: you will want a pair that lasts you several seasons before needing to be replaced.
  • Breathability: the last thing you want is your legs to get sweaty in the summer heat.
  • Protection: find something with extra padding in the knees.
  • Material: try to find material that wicks away moisture to keep your legs nice and cool.

Product Reviews – Which Is Right For You?

Here’s 5 best pairs of baseball pants in 2018 market to check out:

UnderArmour is first on our list with their Clean Up line of baseball pants, which are incredibly lightweight and comfortable while maintaining good durability and protection. The patented Moisture Transport System from UnderArmour ensures that any moisture wicks away quickly to keep you cool on gameday. The pants feature 7 wide belt loops with a double enclosure by the zipper. It also has two pockets in the back that have been welted twice. The knee padding is twice reinforced to make sure that your knees and legs are protected.


  • Lightweight feel, extra comfortable.
  • Moisture Transport System to prevent sweat and moisture from building up.
  • Length can be hemmed.
  • Made of polyester material.
  • Keeps your legs cool in the heat, able to wear and use in hot temperature climates.


  • Fits slightly small to size, can be tight in the thighs.
  • Imported, not made in USA.


The Clean Up is a nice choice that is priced reasonably, and though it fits a bit tighter than other pants, it is a good option for anyone looking for baseball pants that keep moisture away.

Easton’s Deluxe series of baseball pants come in grey, black and white and feature a 29 inch inseam. It keeps moisture away with the Bio-Dri technology that Easton has become known for, and the pants have UV-protection to reduce the harmful effects of overexposure to the sun. Best of all, it is priced quite low and is an affordable option for anyone looking for a good pair of baseball pants.


  • Inexpensive, reasonably priced for all.
  • Bio-Dri technology keeps moisture away from your legs to keep you dry all game long.
  • Material is constructed with UV-protection in mind.
  • Comes in sizes extra-small to double-extra large.
  • 29 inch inseam.
  • 3 color options: grey, white and black.


  • Sizing can be slightly off.


Although sizing may be slightly different than what you would expect, the Easton Deluxe baseball pants are a good offering for those looking for an affordable pair of baseball pants that do not sacrifice on comfort or protection.

If you’re looking for something different than the usual pair of baseball pants you see at the diamond, try out Rawlings and their knee-high series of baseball pants. They offer a great retro look and are very comfortable to wear, especially if you pair them up with knee-high socks for added style.


  • Made of 100% polyester material featuring flatlock stitchwork.
  • Back has two pockets that have tiedowns.
  • Inseam is 16 inches.
  • Easier to clean from dirt and grass stains as they are not full length.
  • Cooler as your legs are not fully covered.
  • Stretchable fabric that does not restrict any range of motion.


  • May not be suitable for ballplayers playing in colder weather.
  • Will likely need to be paired with high socks to offer full protection.


Go against the grain and offer a shout out to the old school game of baseball with Rawlings’ knee-high baseball pants. A great choice for ballplayers who want to add some style to their game.

Wilson and their Sporting Goods line of baseball pants are a cheap, no frills option for baseball pants that gets the job done. While other manufacturers may boast of using different materials and technologies, Wilson realizes that baseball pants are meant to keep the player safe and protect his or her legs, and that is what they focus on. Great bang for your buck, they get the job done.


  • Fit is qute true to size.
  • Adequate protection in the knee area.
  • Constructed with fabric that wicks away moisture.
  • Pinstripes are a stylish look, and these come in white with a variety of different colored pinstripes to match your team colors.
  • Low-priced


  • Imported, not made in the USA.


A standard pair of baseball pants that are no frills and good for the ballplayer who wants a good, reliable pair of baseball pants that he or she can wear day in and day out.

Easton’s Quantum Plus line of baseball pants are made of 100% polyester material and have an open bottom with an adjustable inseam if the length is not right. The pro-ribbed waistband is made of stretchable elastic and it features two back pockets. The Bio-Dri material wicks moisture away and will keep the ballplayer cool and relaxed.


  • Great pair of baseball pants for taller players, but also has adjustable inseam for shorter players.
  • Bio-Dri construction to reduce moisture.
  • Breathable material keeps your legs cool.
  • 100% polyester construction.
  • Machine-washable, stains come out easily


  • Back pockets are slightly shallow so will not be able to hold a lot.


A solid pair of baseball pants from Easton that is especially suitable for taller players who may have problems finding sizing that fits their longer legs. The Quantum Plus line of baseball pants keeps your legs dry and comfortable while offering good protection for sliding and diving fielders.

Final Recommendation

Some very good options presented on this list for those looking for a good pair of baseball pants, and really depending on your budget there are a wide range of suitable pants you can purchase. I prefer the knee-high baseball pants from Rawlings as I love the old-school retro look and feel.

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