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Everybody can throw a baseball. However, without proper training, young players tend to throw a ballin correctly. In truth, there is a technique to learning this basic and critically important skill. The information you need that will show you “how to teach a kid to throw a baseball” is included in this article. You’ll find that it’s easy-to- understand-and- follow.

These Five Simple Steps Hold The Key To “Throwing A Ball” Effectively And Correctly


Young baseball players are still developing physically. When you teach them how to use “a safe and sure” technique for throwing a baseball, you help them add distance and power to their throws and,more importantly, you enable them to avoid injury.

As you’ll soon discover, proper grip and arm motion are two very important factors that, when learned and perfected, will make it possible for your young pitcher, infielder or outfielder to improve his ability in the field and heighten his enjoyment of the game.​

Here Is What Needs To Be Done

It’s as easy as 1 … 2 … 3 to teach a kid to throw a baseball. Here’s the proof …


Teach your young player to place his index and middle finger across the horizontal seams(stitches) of the baseball. Then have him tuck his thumb underneath the baseball (the opposite side of the ball from where he has placed his index and middle fingers).

Importantly, the player should hold the ball out close to his fingertips instead of by his palm. This is the correct way to hold the ball and it will increase velocity and accuracy.​


Show your son or daughter how to “cock” the wrist back at the top of the throwing motion.One easy way to demonstrate this is to hold the forearm of your throwing arm with your other arm(non-throwing arm) so that it remains stable. Once done, you can show the player how to practice throwing the ball using just the fingertips and wrist of the throwing hand.


If your kid is right-handed, have him point his lead shoulder (the left shoulder of his non-throwing arm) before he delivers the throw, directly at the target. That will allow him to keep his front foot (left foot) perpendicular to the target and push off his back foot, adding power and accuracy. Ofcourse, if he is left-handed, the entire process is reversed.

There are two more easy-to- learn steps needed to teach a kid to throw a ball the right way.​

Here Is What Still Needs To Be Taught


According to, proper instruction includes teaching your kid or player (if you’re a manager) to create a circular motion with his arm when throwing the ball. His throwing arm should actually start the motion from down by his thigh and rise up to his shoulder in a circular movement.

That is the proper arm motion and the movement that produces the desired result of velocity and accuracy. It’s important to note here that a player should always avoid bringing the ball up first as he rears back to throw. His motion must begin down at thigh level.​


Finally, set up a drill for two players and have each of them get in a position that has them down on the ground on one knee (the same knee as the throwing arm) about ten yards apart from each other. Then, have them practice the circular throwing motion for a specific period of time, about ten to fifteen minutes, while you monitor and chart their progress.

Continue this practice session by having both players move five yards further apart when the strength of their throws indicates that they are ready for the increased distance.​

Teach these five steps to a young player and he will have learned the right way to throw a baseball for as long as he puts on a uniform and steps on the baseball field.

These Tips Provide Additional Help


Some young players may need to use three fingers plus their thumb to grip the ball. That “extra” finger should be the forefinger, the digit next to the thumb. It will help stabilize and secure the grip.

Have your players practice by continuously throwing the baseball into their gloves. It is a way for them to work on their grip and their throwing motion with the use of their wrists.​

Now … here is one more thing you need to know …​

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