Top 5 Best Youth Baseball Cleats Reviewed

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If you are a youth or the parent of a youth playing regularly in baseball leagues, you should definitely consider the benefits of purchasing a pair of youth baseball cleats. Most players playing at higher levels will already sport a pair of baseball cleats, but we are starting to see more and more recreational and lower level casual players wearing cleats, a clear sign that the benefits extend to any player regardless of skill level or age.

The great thing about wearing a pair of baseball cleats is that they not only offer great protection and comfort during the game of baseball, but wearing shoes specially designed for baseball means your regular sneakers will be protected and not as easily worn down. For recreational players especially, this is a big benefit of having a separate pair of cleats for baseball, particularly if you tend to play on dirtier surfaces such as clay or rough gravel.

Why Should You Buy Youth Baseball Cleats?


So much of a youth’s time on the baseball diamond is spent moving quickly, so investing in a good pair of youth baseball cleats will make quite a difference. In fact, in moving from regular running shoes to a pair of youth baseball cleats you can reasonably expect the player’s performance to improve quite dramatically. They will be able to move around a lot better, be able to react quicker, start and stop on a dime, and make lots of split second decisions that they might not have had the ability to do previously.

The added range of motion is not the only benefit, as youth baseball cleats will also help prevent injuries by giving better traction on wet surfaces. If you’ve ever had to play a game of baseball in rainy weather, you will know how dangerous it is for players to be running and moving around the field without a good proper pair of baseball cleats. Those who do not have cleats leave themselves open to many different types of injuries.

What Are The Most Important Considerations In Youth Baseball Cleats?

Safety and protection are at the forefront of what you should look for in a pair of youth baseball cleats. Finding something with adequate ankle and heel support will prevent common injuries such as ankle rolls or sprains. Getting a pair that laces up tightly and has a toe guard will also prevent turf toe or other injuries from poor fitting cleats. You should also consider both the spike pattern and construction as getting good traction on slippery surfaces will also help keep the player safe.

Comfort is an important factor, as the player will be spending much of their time on their feet pivoting, making quick and sudden start-stop movements, and generally sprinting quite often. It is critical that the shoes do not hurt the player’s feet, and that they allow enough room for good range-of-motion movement.

One final consideration would be the age of your child and how quickly their feet are growing. This is something that adults don’t have to worry about, but with youth you must be aware of your child’s age and their changing needs as they get older in the coming years. You may wish to buy something with a bit more toe room that they can grow into, which will enable your cleats to last more than just one season before being outgrown.

Product Reviews – Which Is Right For You?

Here are five terrific choices for a great pair of youth baseball cleats in 2018 market:

First up on our list is the Under Armour Leadoff, which features synthetic leather construction with a rubber sole. The shoe is very comfortable with good durability and support for the heel and arch of your foot. It has a mesh tongue to offer additional breathability, which does a good job to keep feet cool on hot summer days. The EVA midsole distributes the weight fairly evenly throughout the foot, which will reduce the risk of injuries.


  • Solid rubber cleats which enhances comfortability while providing excellent traction.
  • EVA midsole does a good job of weight distribution throughout the foot.
  • Breathable mesh tongue which reduces moisture buildup.
  • Synthetic leather construction.
  • Rubber sole with rubber cleats.
  • Many color combinations to choose from.


  • Fit is slightly narrow, which may not be suitable for those with wider feet.


A very good choice for anyone looking for an adequate pair of cleats that will meet most of what you’re looking for. Best of all it doesn’t break the bank while still offering many of the features that a good cleat should bring.

New Balance strikes next with a synthetic youth baseball shoe that features patterned lining with a nice underlay that is constructed of mesh, offering good breathability. The best part about the New Balance cleats are that they fit wide feet, which is something that very few manufacturers plan around (the only other one that comes to mind is Nike). If you have a child with wider feet, this is definitely the pair for you.


  • Synthetic construction with mesh underlay.
  • Comes with sizing that fits wide feet, a great feature not found in many other shoes.
  • Front cleat offers the player a great way to grip the ground for maximum traction and pivoting.


  • Only comes in one color combination (black / white).
  • Fits maybe ½ size smaller than other shoes.


Good choice and a must buy for anyone who has wider feet, as these new balance shoes offer plenty of room in the toe box without sacrificing any comfort. If you can get over the fact that these only come in black and white, this is a great pair of cleats and good bang for your buck.

New up on the list is a great pair of cleats from Adidas, the Performance Wheelhouse 4K baseball cleat. The top features premium nubuck leather, which gives the wearer a very nice velvety feel and added comfort. A great choice for those looking for a solid performance cleat that does not cost too much money.


  • Combination of textile and synthetic construction.
  • Nubuck leather on the top, one of the highest grades of leather available.
  • Rubber outsole gives good traction in the toe area.
  • Engineered perforations and color accents.
  • Comes in 5 color combinations.


  • Midsole piece is not full length, only ¾ length.
  • Runs slightly small.


A very good choice for those looking for a pair of youth baseball cleats, as they come in five great color combinations and look flashy no matter who is wearing them. The price tag you would come to expect on a shoe featuring nubuck leather is not found here, as these are very affordable for any budget.

The Vapor Keystone from Nike is a great baseball shoe that has gained added popularity the past several seasons. Nike has always been a reputable name in the market, and this is just another example of their fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. They focus on comfort, traction and cushioning, and they do a great job of success in each of the three areas.


  • Synthetic leather construction.
  • Five different color combinations.
  • Collar and tongue both made of mesh construction for added ventilation.
  • Toe box has perforations to enhance ventilation and breathability.
  • Sockliner provides additional foot support and cushioning.


  • Low-cut profile may not be preferable for all players.


A good option for those who are comfortable with a low-profile, as the Vapor Keystone offers good comfort and protection without limiting mobility and range-of-motion.

Last but certainly not least, the Mizuno 9-spike is a great option from a manufacturer who certainly knows what it is doing in the baseball shoe market. The 9-spikes are known for function over style, but at the end of the day that is what really matters. If you wear an insole they have a bit of room to fit an insole as well, just for added arch support.


  • 9-spike pattern is tested and proven to offer great traction.
  • Synthetic material with rubber sole.
  • Tongue offers extra padding for enhanced comfort.
  • Midsole is full length from heel to toe.
  • Rubber studs clean off quite easily and are relatively durable.
  • Comfortable to wear.


  • Comes in only 2 different color combinations, slightly limiting a player’s options.


Tried and tested pair of shoes from Mizuno, a great choice that remarkably competes with any other shoe in terms of price.


Any of the options we’ve gone over would be great choices in a pair of youth baseball cleats, but the one that stands out the most is the Mizuno 9-Spike. It has been one of the most popular pair of cleats for quite a while now, whether for kids, youth or adults.

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