Top 5 Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves Reviewed

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As the weather turns colder and the days grow shorter, another softball season is finished and we turn our eyes towards the offseason. As we pack away the softball gear in the basement, we should remember that the offseason is a great time to purchase new equipment.

Specifically for buying fastpitch softball gloves, the winter months are a good opportunity to break-in a glove to be ready for spring training. This is important for players at all levels, whether you are an amateur or playing higher levels of competitive ball.

What’s The Difference Between A Fastpitch And A Slow-Pitch Glove?

When shopping for a glove, a question you may be wondering is whether there are any differences between a fastpitch and a slow-pitch softball glove. At lower levels of recreational or youth softball, there are not too many differences and either option will be fine. If you’re playing at a higher level though, there are some subtleties that you should be aware of.

Although many manufacturers will make specific gloves for fastpitch and slow-pitch, both can be fairly interchangeable. The main difference will be the sizing, as slow-pitch softballs are generally slightly larger than fastpitch softballs.

If you’re playing the catcher position, there are substantial differences between fastpitch and slow-pitch gloves. Typically fastpitch gloves will have excess padding as the pitches are coming in much faster and are often in the dirt (so will require blocking and smothering).

3 Reasons To Buy A Fastpitch Softball Glove

Your current glove may have gotten you through a few seasons already, but now is the perfect time to purchase a new fastpitch softball glove. Here are 3 reasons you should consider a new glove today:

  • New technology: manufacturers are coming up with new ways to reinforce gloves and offer better protection for your hand.
  • Use of higher quality materials: Older gloves use top grain, which is ok, but newer gloves now are usually premium steer hide or full-grain leather. With higher quality materials, the break-in time will be longer as the material is tougher, but durability will be much better.
  • Position versatility: more and more coaches are asking their players to play more than one position; perhaps infield, outfield, pitcher and catcher! You may need a different glove depending on the position you’re asked to play.

Keep in mind it also never hurts to have a backup glove in case your in-game glove gets broken!

Closed Or Open Web?

Typically infielders will use open web gloves while outfielders will gravitate towards closed web gloves. Outfielders may need to use a closed web in order to shield the sun from their eyes on fly balls. Fastpitch pitchers will also use closed web gloves in order to hide their pitches from opposing batters.

Infielder gloves are usually a bit lighter in weight and have more shallow pockets, which allow the defender to quickly reach into the glove to turn double plays or make throws to first. Outfielders prefer deeper pockets to catch fly balls and prevent them from popping out.

So you want to buy a fastpitch softball glove. Here are our top choices for the upcoming season.

The Mizuno Premier GPM1403 is a durable glove suitable for fastpitch softball players. Shock absorbing ParaShock palm technology decreases the sting of the palm associated with fastpitch balls.

It is lightweight with a secure fit, making for greater playability and ease of use. Coupled with a fast break-in period, this glove will feel like a natural extension of your hand in no time.


  • Full grain leather with mesh inserts for lighter weight and increased playability
  • Constructed of quality cows leather for shell and pigskin for rest of glove for longevity and durability
  • ParaShock palm provides effective shock absorption resulting in greater palm protection
  • Secure fit due to adjustable Polyurethane Powerlock Strap
  • Fast break in period


  • Only available in black
  • Larger size may not be suitable for infielders


There is a reason why this glove is a best-seller. If you are looking for a larger sized glove, this offering from Mizuno complete with effective palm protection is sure to be a strong contender.

Rawlings has created another great fastpitch softball glove sure to please both the weekend warrior and the more serious player. From the full leather shell to leather lace, this top quality glove is sure to have lasting durability while getting better with time.

The attention to detail regarding fit is evident through their patented flex loop design and adjustable wrist strap which has resulted in a glove that truly fits.. like a glove.​/


  • Great for both amateurs and more serious players
  • Patented Flex Loop design offers improved fit to maximize control
  • Made from soft, full grain leather shell for shape retention and short break-in
  • Strong durable leather lace used for longevity of use
  • Adjustable wrist strap for better fit


  • 12.5” size may not be suitable for outfield positions


Rawlings has delivered a fastpitch softball glove that will meet the needs of all players. This quality leather glove is sure to last many seasons reaffirming Rawling’s commitment to providing customers with durable, long-lasting products.

Franklin doesn’t disappoint with their Sports Fastpitch series and this glove is no exception. It may boast a low price tag, but this doesn’t mean that Franklin has held back what this fastpitch softball glove has to offer. Fit and comfort are undeniable and, thanks to the lightweight material of this glove, catching balls is sure to be a breeze.


  • Lightweight for ease of use
  • Inexpensive
  • Adjustable wrist closure for better fit
  • Palm made of soft polyurethane for increased comfort and performance
  • Multiple color options (green/grey or pink/grey)


  • Not constructed of leather
  • May not provide as much cushioning compared to more expensive gloves


The Franklin Sports Fastpitch Series Lightweight Softball Glove is a great choice for those who are looking to purchase a quality glove at a lower price point. It may not have all the bells and whistles when compared to more expensive options, but it is an excellent entry-level glove that is available in fun colour options.

Mizuno delivers another great glove with their Franchise 13” Fast Pitch Softball glove GFN1300F1 Tartan C model. This beautiful rich chocolate brown leather softball glove is more than just a visual stunner; it will help you catch ball after ball for many seasons to come.

IT is durable, comfortable, and offers palm protection that’s next to none thanks to Mizuno’s patented Parashock technology.


  • Made of pre-oiled Java leather for increased durability
  • SureFit foam cushioning along back of fingers for added comfort and a customized fit
  • ParaShock palm provides effective shock absorption resulting in greater palm protection
  • Power Lock closure ensures better fit
  • Short break-in period


  • Fits small
  • Better suited for female and youth players, or those with smaller hands


Made for confident fastpitch softball players looking for an excellent balance between affordability, available glove technology, and protection, this glove will not disappoint.

The GPL1250F1 Prospect is the last to round out our top 5 gloves for the upcoming season, but certainly not the least. Packed with the latest softball glove technology to ensure the best fit (Powerlock), the best protection and shock absorption (ParaShock), and the best ease of use for catching a ball (PowerClose), this fastpitch softball glove is sure to meet and surpass your every expectation.​/


  • Powerlock Technology for most secure fit possible
  • ParaShock palm provides effective shock absorption resulting in greater palm protection
  • PowerClose technology allows for easier catching of ball
  • V Flex notch helps to initiate closure for increased ease of use
  • Made with genuine leather


  • Youth sized or for those with smaller hands


The only downside to this glove is its size which tends to run small. For youth players, this impressive fastpitch softball glove will be a worthy investment to take you from season to season with outstanding results.

Which Glove Reigns Supreme?

I love the Rawlings Player Preferred for infielders as it allows for quick and easy transfers while offering top quality all-leather construction. For outfielders the GPM1403 is my top pick as it is incredibly lightweight for a 14” glove while offering a quick break-in period.

All 5 choices are excellent options for the upcoming season and your personal preference will have to truly determine the best fastpitch softball glove. Hope you hit a home run with your shopping experience!

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