Top 5 Best Catcher's Bag Reviews in 2018 Market, updated: March, 2018

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With all the equipment that players these days have to bring with them to the baseball diamond, it is very difficult to do it without an adequately sized equipment bag. Most position players will have a bat bag that can store a couple of bats, batting gloves, gloves, water bottles, cleats, etc. But for catchers it is a lot more tricky, as catchers have much more equipment to carry than the average player.

They have to carry their regular equipment (bat, glove, cleats) that everyone else brings, but combined with all of that they also need to bring their catching gear. This usually includes a helmet, chin and neck guard, chest protector, cup, knee pads and shin guards.

If you’re still tracking, that all adds up to a very heavy equipment haul that may not be supported by a normal sized equipment bag. It thus becomes imperative to get a specialized catcher’s bag designed to hold all of a catcher’s gear.

Why Do You Need A Catcher’s Bag?

If you have ever spent time as the backstop behind home plate, you’ll know that part of the job is carrying all your equipment and gear from practices to games and everything in between. Without a large catcher’s equipment bag to fit everything, it can be challenging to find enough space and room to carry all the equipment you require.

Catching equipment is also quite heavy, as the helmet, chest protector, and shin guards alone will weight down any normal equipment bag. It is imperative to find something that can withstand a lot of wear and tear while still holding up for the duration of a baseball season. A proper catcher’s bag can also reduce the risk of injuries that can be sustained while trying to carry a heavy bag.

What Features Should You Look For In A Catcher’s Bag?

The most important thing one should consider in purchasing a catcher’s bag is size. You must be able to find something large enough to fit everything that you want to carry. Even playing in lower levels such as little league will feature a large assortment of equipment that needs to be toted from game to game. As a player gets older and moves up through the ranks of organized baseball and softball, they will start needing larger (and thus heavier) equipment, and it is important that a catcher’s bag also grows accordingly in size to accommodate the added weight that must be borne.

You should also consider how comfortable the bag is when wearing it. Although you will not have to carry it around everywhere, you will need to be able to bear the weight and you should look for something with either comfortable shoulder straps or, even better, wheels so that you can roll it around.


Function of course is also important and finding something that has a separate compartment for cleats, gloves, balls and other gear is also a good idea. Some bags allow you to also hang sunglasses, water bottles and other accessories which you may find useful. Others have hooks so that you can hang it on the fence which some players prefer. Overall, it is important to know what features and functions you are looking for before deciding on a final purchase.

Product Reviews – Which Is Right For You?

Here are the top picks for best catcher’s bags this year:

An extremely functional and heavy duty catcher’s equipment bag that features huge zippers, a removable pocket and high-powered inline wheels. Size really rules supreme here as the Easton 900c can store pretty much anything you want to throw in it. There are many separate compartments, making it very easy to find what you are looking for in this massive bag as the zipper placement is optimized which serves its’ function well.


  • Huge zippers complete the look of this heavy duty bag.
  • Inline wheels to help navigate through dirt, grass, gravel.
  • Durable polyester construction.
  • Water bottle holder is insulated like a cooler pouch.
  • Felt-lined inner pocket to keep phone and wallet safe and scratch-resistant.
  • Fence hooks for hanging.


  • May be deemed too large for players younger than 10 years old.
  • Heavy to lift in and out of trunk.


A solid choice if you’re looking for a large bag that can fit what you’re looking for. Easton is a reputable name in the baseball equipment industry and it is easy to see why with the 900c catcher’s bag.

Mizuno is next up on the list with the Samurai, a wheeled catcher’s bag that will fit most of what a catcher has to carry. Although not as large as the Easton, it can still fit at least a glove, helmet, cleats, and the standard catching gear. You may wish to replace the zippers upon purchase, as some users have complained that they are not large enough. Other than that, a great choice for anyone looking for a catcher’s bag.


  • Fairly comfortable and not gregariously oversized.
  • Durable material and has adequate space for most items.
  • Good sortable compartments to store many different types of equipment.


  • Sags slightly if rolled while not full.
  • Some complaints on the zipper quality.
  • May not be large enough for players who have a lot of equipment to carry.


Mizuno makes fairly high quality products and the Samurai catcher’s bag is no exception. It is a good choice for those who do not want a huge bag but still want something that can fit most of their gear.

A stylish catcher’s bag from DeMarini that features a ventilated shoe compartment to minimize unwanted odors seeping into your other equipment. Although it is not as large as the Easton 900c, it can still fit what a typical catcher would carry. The individual bat sleeves are each padded which offers a bit more protection, and less room for bats to move around when in transit.


  • Separate ventilated compartment for cleats.
  • Bat sleeves are individually padded and reinforced.
  • 2 large hooks for hanging on the fence.
  • Huge zippers.


  • Not as large as Easton’s.


Great choice from DeMarini for those in the market for a catcher’s bag, the Grind can fit what you’re looking for and features the ventilated shoe compartment which is sure to be a feature that you will begin to see adopted by other manufacturers in the near future.

The Series 9 Catch from LS is a very portable catcher’s bag that has an inverted design on the wheels to give greater clearance when moving, eliminating the wear and tear that the bottom of the bag might see. It also has a mesh section for the catcher’s helmet, which is a nice way to keep it clean and away from the other pieces of equipment. The shin guard holder is also a nice touch and it shows they are thinking of a catcher’s needs during design.


  • Helmet fits in a mesh sac.
  • Holster that easily slots shin guards of all sizes.
  • Bat compartment has compression straps to keep things from moving.
  • Personalization sleeve that gives the user some flexibility to customize if desired.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Room for 4 bats but it is a fairly tight fit together.


A very nice bag from Louisville Slugger that is one of the largest on this list. Durability is the biggest reason to buy this bag, as it really does feel like it is built to go through multiple seasons of day-in, day-out use. The elevated wheels will also keep all your gear not only clean, but much easier to navigate.

A lesser known manufacturer is next up on our list, with Champro making the cut with a very nice large catcher’s bag that is the only one featured here to offer a separate upper and lower compartment. This is a nice feature that allows a user much more freedom to be flexible in storing different items in different locations. They can separate their hitting gear from catching gear, or clean from dirty, or any other distinction.


  • Top and bottom compartments allow for better organization and functionality.
  • Dividers are detachable, so you can have many compartments or very few.
  • Removable laundry bag that can store dirty uniforms or other gear.
  • Massive zippers.
  • Ergonomic, comfortable handles.
  • Huge size.


  • No specific features for catcher’s, this bag would suit anything from a catcher to an umpire.


A good choice if you have a lot of gear to carry and prefer to keep things separate and organized. It also helps that it is not as expensive as the others on this list, if you can find it on sale.


All of the choices above would be great options for a catcher’s bag this season, and it will depend on how large a bag you want. The Louisville Slugger bag definitely sticks out as one of the most versatile and well-built catcher’s bags this year, and it seems like it will more than meet your expectations and demands.

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