Top 5 Best Big Barrel Bats Reviewed

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If you’ve spent any time shopping on the internet or in sporting good stores for the best big barrel bats for your son, you know that there are so many models available that it’s hard to “make the right choice.“

After all, how do you select wisely when there are sixty bats or more for sale, many of which bear the logo of top manufacturers. You need information to help you separate the bats that “live up to the claims made for them” from those that are “all hype and little substance.“

Fortunately, you can get that information – right here, right now. This article reviews 5 of the very best big barrel bats in detail. Read these reviews for help in determining which bat is the right choice for your young slugger.

Here is everything you need to know …

A Top Brand Name – Does Not Guarantee That You Will Get – The Best Bat

Big barrel baseball bats that have been manufactured by well-known and highly respected companies, can be prohibitively expensive and “wrong” for your son. Of course, such bats are likely to be crafted inthe finest materials, but the same can be said for bats made by lesser-known companies.

What you, a well-meaning dad, need to do is to keep an “open mind” when you begin acquiring information about bats that interest you. Look past the big-name companies and give some thought to purchasing a bat form an “upstart” organization.

Additionally, visit a sporting goods store with your son and let him pick up a few bats, take some practice swings and see how they “feel” in his hands.

It may also be a good idea to talk to other players who already use a bat you’re considering. A manager or coach may also be able to provide useful insight or an informed opinion.

Here is something else you need to know …

Big Barrel Baseball Bats – Are Ideal For 8 Year Old To 12 Year Old Sluggers


If your son is already playing baseball for a high school or college varsity team, a big barrel bat is not forhim. Instead, it is for Little Leaguers, boys that range in age from 8 years old to 12 years old. There is a good reason for that.

Big Barrel bats are very light so that smaller boys can achieve maximum swing speed when using them.Additionally, these bats feature “massive barrels” that are much larger than the barrels found on “pro-style” bats.

The oversized barrels enable young, developing players – like your son — to make contact with a pitched ball with greater frequency than would be possible if they were using a more tapered bat.

Here is another point to consider …

Select A Bat That Provides “Lots Of Pop”

As noted earlier, there are at least sixty big barrel baseball bats you can look at and review before making a selection. They are not all alike.

In fact, some of them have barrels that are truly “oversized. Perhaps those bats should be called “giant”barrel baseball bats.

Additionally, some bats are a bit heavier than others or constructed in a material that makes them lighter so that “swing speed” becomes more likely.

But one of the biggest differences is “pop,” the way a ball jumps off the bat when contact is made. Some bats turn Little Leaguers into “awesome sluggers” because they have “pop.” You can discover which bats provide that benefit with a little online research.

There is one last thing to remember when shopping for a bat …

The Most Expensive Bat – May Not Be “The Best One”

Some bats have a price tag as high as $600 while others can be purchased for as little as fifty dollars. Ofcourse, the vast majority of big barrel baseball bats have price tags that place them some where between the top and bottom prices.

Expensive doesn’t always mean “best.” At the same time, a low-cost bat can surprise you by having features that appeal to you and to your son. You won’t know whether to “spend big” or to be frugal until the both of you see the bats in person and “test” them for feel, comfort and swing speed.

Now, here are five of the most popular bats currently available …

This bat, known as The Catalyst, features high performance CIC Composite construction and has been specifically designed to help young payers by minimizing negative vibrations on contact in order to increase the “trampoline” effect which propels the ball when it is hit.

Here is what you need to know about this bat …


  • 2 5/8” barrel provides “super sweet spot” for powerful contact.
  • Differential between weight and length is “minus twelve” which makes this bat very light and easy to swing.
  • Affordable price is budget-friendly.
  • 7/8” tapered handle is perfect for “comfort and control”.
  • One-piece design for long-lastingdurability.
  • One year warranty from Louisville Slugger.
  • USSSA Certification.


  • Bat is just 29” long and provides only limited “pop and power”.
  • Too small for high school andcollege players.
  • Limited “lifespan” because player will “outgrow” bat in one or two years.

This bat features a huge 2 5/8” barrel which makes contact easier and enables young batters to “hit with power.” It has been designed for “elite” players at the Little League level. The bat is popular with players all over America.

Here is what it offers you and your son …


  • Includes maximum barrel length which increases contact and builds confidence.
  • Includes full composite construction for durability.
  • Extended barrel provides a larger “sweet spot”.
  • Full composite construction enables ball to “explode and pop” off bat on contact.
  • Differential between length and weight is “Minus Ten” for swing speed and ease of handling.
  • USSSA certification.


  • Limited lengths and weights – available in only three sizes.
  • Limited power due to oversized barrel and light bat weight.
  • Moderately durable.
  • Short lifespan because player will outgrow bat in one or two years.

Introducing a bat that is more like a “club” because its sweet spot is 20% to 40% larger than the sweet spots found on virtually all other competing bats. That means this bat’s sweet spot is truly massive. What’s more, its swing weight is, on average, 23% lighter than it is in other bats. That means a young slugger can swing with speed and hit with power.

Here are more reasons to consider this bat …


  • Reduces swing weight by 17% to 38% to enable greater impact and more power.
  • Provides from 20% to 40% more hitting space in an enlarged barrel.
  • Features an Ultra Premium Lizard Skin grip for extreme comfort and control.
  • One-piece composite design is the result of advanced precision molding technology.
  • Large 2 5/8” barrel for increased contact


  • High to expensive price tag is a budget-buster.
  • Light bat weight leads to reduced power on contact.
  • Limited lifespan because players quickly grow too big for this bat.

This bat has been crafted with the finest materials and features state-of- the-art technology. It is considered to be an elite bat that should be used by elite players. And, unlike many bats for players that are only 8 years old to 12 years old, this “offensive weapon” has lots of “pop.”

Here is what you can expect to get from it …


  • USSSA BPA 1.15 Certification.
  • Huge 2 ¾” barrel enables easier contact for young players.
  • Length-weight differential is “Minus 10” – perfect for players aged 8-12.
  • Composite barrel material for durability.
  • Wide choice of sizes.
  • Balanced swing provides solid contact.


  • Light bat weight makes it difficult to hit with power.
  • Limited lifespan because players grow too big for this bat in only one or two years.
  • Massive barrel makes this bat look “odd”

A massive sweet spot and super bat speed make this bat stand out from many others. Performance always matters and this bat lets Little Leaguers hit with power.

Here is what is in store for you …


  • TCT Thermo Technology delivers a massive sweet spot and superior bat speed.
  • Light bat weight and “big barrel” combine to allow a player to “drive” the ball.
  • Patented two-piece technology leads to better “feel” of the bat.
  • Budget-friendly price tag.


  • Poor choice for teenagers because the bat is too small and too light.
  • Bat does not look professional.
  • “Pinging” sound off the bat is not “satisfying”.
  • Limited lifespan because players become too big for this bat after just one or two years.

Choose The Bat That’s Best For Your Son

It can be a difficult choice because all of the bats reviewed in this article have proven their worth andare popular with players throughout the United States.

If the choice of a bat belonged to me, I would probably select the Combat Youth 2016 Maxum Senior League Baseball Bat because those that own this bat speak glowingly about its features and thebenefits they derive from them. But, the choice of bat is not mine to make. It belongs to you you’re your son.

The truth is that there is likely to be one bat that you like and that your son loves.

You can find out easily by taking the following steps: start by going online and reading reviews from people who already own and use the bats. You’ll get some good insights from that.

Next, visit a sporting goods store and “test” the bats that interest you by picking them up, holding them and swinging them. You, and more importantly, your son, will get a “feel” for which bat is the right one.

And if you’re still not sure, try speaking with players that already own the bat. Or, talk to a coach or manager. You may get sound advice.

Then … make your purchase decision. It’s that easy.

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