Top 5 Best BBCOR Baseball Bats Reviewed

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If you’re a dad who wants to put the very best baseball bat in his son’s hands, one that meets the BBCOR (Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution) Standard is what you need. There are currently about sixty models of BBCOR Baseball Bats available online and in sporting goods stores throughout the country.

BBCOR Standards are generally required for bats and other equipment used by players at the high school and collegiate levels, especially for teams that are members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

This article may help to “clear the fog” away about choice because it will introduce you to five BBCOR Standard bats that have been rated highly by players, managers and parents all across America.

Here is everything you need to know …​

Brand Name Really Is Important

The fact that there are sixty models of BBCOR Standard baseball bats available from a broad range of manufacturers, only some of whom are American, is a clear indication that “choosing the best bat for your son or daughter” is going to require that you “do your homework” and get all the information you can before making a purchase.

BBCOR Standard baseball bats come in a wide variety of sizes and weights, are constructed in different materials and colors and range in price from inexpensive or affordable to costly.

Importantly, some of the most highly-rated bats bear the logos of well-known and trusted manufacturers. When looking at a bat to buy, it may be wise to consider the company that produced it.

Once you think you know which company’s bat you trust the most, you can then consider other factors that are also important to you and, especially to your son. For example:​

Weight And Length Requirements Differ For All Young Players

If your son is only 5’6” tall and weighs just one hundred twenty pounds, for instance, he needs a bat that enables him to generate “swing speed” so that he can maximize his power on contact with the ball.

A bat that weighs more than thirty ounces and stretches to a length of thirty or more inches is obviously wrong for him. Most BBCOR Standard bats come in a variety of lengths and weights, so it is probably best that you and your son visit a sporting goods store so that he can “test” a bat for comfort.

Composition is another key consideration when choosing a bat …

Lightweight Bat Or “Heavy” Bat​ – The Choice Belongs To Your Young Slugger

BBCOR bats for boys in high school and college are constructed in a variety of materials, some lighter than others. That leaves you and your son with a choice to make –do you select a lightweight, easy-to-swing bat or a somewhat heavier slugger’s bat?

Some bats are made of composite materials, while others are constructed of alloys. The right bat for your son will be the one that “feels” best in his hands.

There is one more “test” that can help you to choose the “perfect” bat …

Find The Bat That Provides The Most “Pop”


Baseball players of all ages believe that some bats add more “pop” than others. That means the ball travels farther when it is hit. Of course, you won’t be able to figure out which bat provides pop when you take practice swings in a store.

But, you can – and should – read online reviews from people who already own the bat that interests you. When a bat helps a hitter make solid contact, he boasts about it – with immense pride and satisfaction – in an online review.

So try to learn all you can about a potential purchase by reading everything you can about the product. You may even be able to get some worthwhile information from other players on the team.

Now that you’ve had a chance to acquire some information about BBCOR Baseball Bats, you still need to know which may be the one you should buy.

Here is what you need to know about five of the top-rated bats people are buying and praising. They include features, such as enhanced sweet spots, one-piece construction, comfort grips, durability and the kind of advanced technology that can help a young player to increase his bat speed and power.

Product Reviews – Which Is Right For You?

Here is a list of BBCOR Standard Baseball Bats that have been the recipients of high praise from people that own and use them.

This bat has been highly rated because it incorporates TCTATM Thermal Composite Technology, an advanced feature that actually provides the benefit of putting more of the barrel of the bat in the hitting zone. Its “Minus 3” differential between bat length and weight is also beneficial to younger players. Of course, this bat also aids players for all of the reasons listed below …


  • Utilizes a unique composite technology to provide a huge “sweet spot” that results in tremendous bat speed.
  • The balanced barrel results in “lower swing weight” which allows a hitter to have a much faster swing speed.
  • Technology allows for maximum transfer of energy and increases“feel” of the bat for the hitter.
  • 31/32”composite bat handle also includes a 1.2” grip for comfort and ease of handling.
  • A 2.5/8” barrel leads to solid contact.


  • Bat length from 31” to 34” and weight from 28 oz. to 31 oz. makes this bat too big and heavy for younger players.
  • Cost is high and above many budgets
  • Does not provide enough “pop” for some players
  • Length and weight make this bat too long and too heavy for most hitters.

This bat has been designed with a large 2 5/8” barrel for the express purpose of helping younger,smaller players make solid contact. Its 100% composite construction provides maximum “pop.” Its lighter swing weight enables greater swing speed and more power. The bat also includes all of the features that follow.​


  • Ideal for players who want a lightweight and easy-to- swing bat.
  • Utilizes current technology to produce “perfect” balance, a fact that leads to powerful swings and contact.
  • Extra-wide barrel and sweet spot provide “pop” for young hitters.
  • Bat is well-constructed and durable.
  • Special 2.0 handle educes vibration on contact with ball and improves swing and power.


  • Limited lengths and weights from 29-32” and 18-21 ounces.
  • Choice of only three colors – silver,gold or white.
  • Light weight of bat limits distance ball can be hit.
  • Moderate durability.

Please check our more detail review about this product:

This immensely popular bat has a reputation for providing lots of “pop and power.” However, its popularity can be traced to one remarkable feature. This Louisville Slugger produces a real “crack-of- the-bat” sound instead of the usual “ping” players get when they make contact with almost all other BBCOR baseball bats.

It also provides all of the following benefits …



  • Special, rugged, long-lasting alloy design.
  • Features “flex barrel” technology that helps player to“hit with power”.
  • Tapered look from top to bottom with a 2 5/8” barrel and a 31/32” “slim” handle that adds comfort for the batter.
  • Packed with power for even a singles hitter.


  • Available in only three sizes, as follows: 32.5”, 33.5” and 34’5” length plus 29.5 ounces, 30.5 ounces and 31.5 ounce weight.
  • Limited color choices.
  • Budget-buster price range

This “one size for all” bat is better-suited to high school and college baseball players. The bat’s one piece construction provides great performance and “feel.” Excellent balance enables swing speed and improved power. It also assists hitters in all of the following ways.


  • “Big League” style and profile bat.
  • Sweet spot that turns average hitters into sluggers.
  • Made inthe USA.
  • SC4aluminum alloy assure long-lasting durability and reliability.
  • Special hybrid grip lets player enjoy comfort and control.
  • Superbly crafted to minimize vibrations when ball hits bat to maximize power.
  • Full twelve month manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Meets BBCOR Standard.
  • Packs lots of pop – ball jumps off the bat.


  • Available in limited sizes.
  • Can be too big and heavy for younger players.
  • Cost can be prohibitive for some budgets.

This bat offers lots of features for serious, up-and- coming players. It utilizes Z-core ATM technology to help a batter increase swing speed and hit with a slugger’s power. A massive sweet spot enables lots of solid contact. This bat provides all of the benefits listed below, as well.​


  • Balanced barrel design provides lower swing weight and enables a batter to increase swing speed for consistent power-hitting.
  • BBCOR-Certified.
  • 31/32” tapered handle with specially-crafted grip for comfort and control.
  • One piece aluminum alloy design assures durability and toughness.
  • 2 5/8”barrel makes “strong and solid hitting” easier and more frequent.
  • One year warranty.
  • Considered tobe a “contact” hitter’s bat.


  • Limited choice of lengths and weights.
  • Available in one color combination only – green, gray and black.
  • Price can be a budget-buster..

5 Great BBCOR Standard Bats – One Is Right For You

As you know by now, each of the five bats described in this article offers “real value” in a variety of ways. Some are more cost-effective than others and some almost certainly include the features – and benefits – you want for your son.

Four of the five bats listed in this article have received “5 Star” ratings when reviewed by people that own and have used the bats. The fifth bat has a rating of 4.5. What that means is all of the bats are among the best available, but only one is right for you.

Is there a perfect choice? I like the DeMarini 2016 CF8 BBCOR Baseball Bat for its many great features and outstanding benefits. But, it’s not my decision to make. That is for you to decide. You can go online to “take a look” at all of the bats or visit a sporting goods store to hold them and take practice swings.

Whichever bat you select, it’s fair to say that you and your son will end up happy.

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