How To Clean White Baseball Pants

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If you’re a mom whose young son plays baseball, you know how dirty his white pants can get after a game. It doesn’t matter if he plays in Little League or if he is a member of a high school or college varsity squad. If he plays, his pants get soiled, often from dirt, mud, grass stains and even blood. “Getting the dirt out” can seem overwhelming, a truly hopeless task. But, this article can teach you “how to clean white baseball pants” in almost effortless fashion.

It’s true. You can restore dirty white baseball pants to their original pristine white condition with minimal effort. As this easy-to-read-and-understand article will show, you simply need to arm yourself with the “right tools” (by that I mean the correct cleaning products) to get the job done.

Then, if you use the cleaning methods described below, you will be able to eliminate the erosion and “wearing away” of the fabric (which is almost always polyester) to keep the pants looking new.

As you will soon learn, proper and effective cleaning begins with two simple and inexpensive products, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Use these two items (both of which are easy on the environment) and others listed below and your son’s baseball pants will always look bright white and new.

Here is a short list of everything you’re going to need to eliminate stains whenever you wash the pants. The list includes: hydrogen peroxide … baking soda … bleach … laundry detergent … a washing machine … and a dryer.

That’s it. Cleaning white baseball pants does not need to damage your household budget. And, as you’re about to discover, the cleaning process is simple. Here’s all you have to do …

Follow These Four Steps To “Purge the Dirt” And Gets Baseball Pants Clean And White

There is no “magic formula,” just a simple and sensible cleaning process. It all begins this way …


Pour the cleaning agent liberally over every dirt, mud, grass and blood stain. Next, let the pants “rest” for at least five minutes. That means that you need to let the pants “sit” so that the hydrogen peroxide can penetrate deep into the fibers and begin to “loosen” the stains. After five minutes, rub the soiled area to enable even deeper penetration of the hydrogen peroxide.


Make sure you turn the pants inside-out. Why … because the pants are almost certainly made of polyester. By turning them inside-out you greatly reduce the risk of snags that can damage the pants. If the washer has a full load, or even if it is just half-full, set the wash cycle to “hot” (that’s the water temperature) and add a liquid detergent (one cap full), one quarter cup of bleach and one quarter cup of baking soda., too. The bleach and the baking soda will help to whiten the pants and, of course, will keep them from “yellowing.”

Those initial steps are the “right way” to wash baseball pants so that they stay white and always look new. But, there is more that needs to be done. Consider the following:

These Final Steps – Will Make Your Son’s Baseball Pants “Ready-to-Use” Again

Washing pants is only part of the entire cleaning process. You also have to dry them. That’s why these last two steps are necessary. Here is what you have to do …

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the stains, you need to dry the pants – on a medium heat setting. Be careful to avoid “high heat” because the extreme temperature will almost certainly shrink the polyester fabric over time and repeated “visits” to the dryer. Lower or moderate heat eliminates any risk of shrinkage.


In fact, remove the pants at once when the dryer shuts off. Then, fold them neatly and hang them in the closet. In most cases, ironing will not be necessary for the simple reason that polyester is a fabric that makes that step unneeded. However, if you want “sharp” creases, ironing is acceptable. But, make sure you use a “low heat setting” because polyester can “scorch and burn” if exposed to high heat.

Here’s a valuable tip for you. Check the instructions on the Care Label attached to the pants. If they indicate a cleaning method different from the one described in this article, follow them instead.

Here’s another thing you need to know. The cleaning process described here is only one of several that are available. You can use it to clean your son’s white baseball pants because it has been proven to work and it is a system that is inexpensive to use and easy to follow.

Other cleaning systems for white baseball pants may also be effective, but as already noted, this 4-step system is simple and affordable. It requires just a few budget-friendly products, as well as a washer and a dryer. And it removes all baseball-related stains – dirt, grass, mud and blood.

Best of all, it keeps pants looking like they were just removed from a store shelf. Yes … it helps them to look and feel new despite frequent use.

Now, there is one more thing I need to tell you …

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