How Much Do Minor League Ballplayers Make?

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Millions of boys and girls grow up in the United States dreaming about playing major league baseball or major league softball. Dads in every town and city in the country encourage their children to pursue their dreams. But, it’s a long trip “to the top” that includes spending time in the minor leagues, often several years. So it is important for dads to ask themselves one important question: “how much do Minor League Ballplayers make?”

The answer is going to shock you. The truth is that ballplayers at the lower levels (there are six minor league levels) earn very little money, often less than what people are paid to “flip hamburgers” in a fast food restaurant.

While earning a small amount of money may be acceptable for a year or two, it is likely to make life more difficult over time, even for a young athlete that has no family to support. And for the vast majority of ballplayers, the “trip to the Major Leagues” can take several years, if they make it at all.

So, before committing to “making it” as a Major League Ballplayer, dads and their athlete sons must consider the real possibility that the career being dreamed about never moves beyond “playing in the Minor Leagues.”

Is it worth playing professionally at the lower levels for ten or more years? That’s a decision each dad and son must make for themselves. Of course, the more information you have, the easier it will be to reach a sensible and sound solution.

Here is everything you need to know …

There Are Six Minor League Levels …And Specific Pay Scales For Each Level

Most young ballplayers are “drafted” out of high school or college by Major League organizations. When that happens, they generally receive a “signing bonus.” It can be modest, no more than several thousand dollars, or large, millions of dollars, if the player is highly touted.

Once drafted, the young “future star” signs what is known as a Standard Seven-Year Minor League contract and immediately begins his minor league playing career.

Pay, as noted above, is determined by the level in which the young athlete plays. And payments are made monthly during the “regular season.

Here is what a young baseball player can expect to earn monthly (as per the authorized and approved Pay Scale from 2010) …

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