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The most important piece of equipment for baseball and softball hitters is their bat. Many hitters have their own bat or at least a favorite bat from among those available in the team’s bat rack. For years, the only choice you had was a different weight and length wooden bat. Easton was one of the pioneers in popularizing aluminum bats for youth baseball and softball. They continue to be innovators using composite materials and two piece construction in their newer bats. One of their latest innovations is the Mako Torq. It is a two piece bat made out of composite materials that sports a unique feature. The bottom four to five inches of the bat handle’s grip spin freely around the bat’s handle. This feature led to the name Torq.

What To Consider When Buying A Bat

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There are a number of things to think about when buying a bat for yourself or your child. The height and weight of the batter is used to determine a recommended bat length. Generally, the batter should then choose the heaviest bat of the correct length that they can swing freely and easily. The bat needs to feel good in your hands and here is where different materials can make a difference.

Many bats, including those used in Major League Baseball, are made in the traditional way out of wood. Many leagues and levels of play allow bats that are made of other materials and that meet certain guidelines to be used. Aluminum and alloy bats are available as well as bats made of composites. Composite bats dampen the vibrations caused by a mishit reducing those stinging hands. They do, however, need to be broken in by hitting it around 150 to 200 times. Aluminum and alloy bats can be used immediately upon purchase. Some hybrid bats are available that feature a composite handle coupled with an aluminum barrel to cut vibrations and eliminate the break-in period. The batter should try different types of bats that are legal in their league to determine the best bat for them.

Easton Mako Torq Bat

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The innovative bat designers at Easton came up with an idea to help batters get around and hit an inside pitch. The 360 degree rotation offered by the bat’s handle lets players improve their swing plane by not turning their hands over while swinging. This distinctive feature may be just what you need to improve your hitting.


  • Rotating handle to allow for better swing plane.
  • Composite 2 piece construction to minimize vibrations.
  • Available for baseball and softball use.
  • Youth and adult models available.
  • Models can be obtained that are approved by many leagues.
  • Features models with big bat barrels.
  • Light swing weight.


  • The Mako Torq is priced higher than other bats.
  • The rotating handle may not feel comfortable for all players.
  • Some batters feel the rotating handle hinders their swing.

Easton Mako Torq Features And Benefits

Rotating Handle

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The rotating handle of the Torq is by far its most unique feature. A rotating sleeve surrounds the bottom part of the handle down to the knob. This sleeve rotates up to 360 degrees during a swing. While this rotation is noticeable when simply examining the bat you do not see any movement during an actual swing. The rotation enables the hitter to get to the hitting zone more quickly and stay in it longer. This promotes a better hitting position by eliminating the need to change hand position during the swing. It may be helpful with young players who have a tendency to grip the bat too tightly.

Composite Two-Piece Construction

The Mako Torq was built on top of the company’s previously popular Mako composite bat with the addition of the spinning handle. The barrel and handle are made of TCT composite material which allows for a longer barrel size. This gives the bat a bigger sweet spot increasing your chance of getting solid contact when you swing. Easton makes the Torq barrel in a variety of sizes which can also help in making contact. Employing a proprietary hinge technology labeled CXN, Easton engineers couple the two pieces for a solid bat that reduces vibration.

Diversity Of Models

Easton had made the Mako Torq available in many sizes and configurations that will allow almost anyone to use the bat and experience the difference in hitting with a rotating handle. It comes in models suitable for youth and adult baseball. Both fast pitch and slow pitch softball also have models designed specifically for each game.

Positive Reviews For This Bat

The Mako Torq gets mostly positive reviews around the internet. The rotating handle seems to be a hit with many youth league baseball and collegiate softball players and batters are happy with the “pop” it provides. Some players found the rotation undesirable and tapes the handle down to eliminate the spin.


1. Louisville Slugger Youth 225 Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger has long been a respected name in baseball bats. This is an inexpensive yet serviceable wood bat that will work well for youth baseball.

2. Combat Vigor

This bat features a one piece, composite design that promises a large sweet spot and no dead spots due to its seamless construction. Another nice bat for youth baseball.

3. Rawlings Quatro

Here is two piece composite bat that is suitable for college and high school play. It combines distance, balance and flex to deliver a sweet smack on the ball.


There are many bats out there for you or your child to choose to buy. The Easton Mako Torq and its unique rotating handle may be just the thing you need to improve your game. I would suggest getting your hands on one and giving it a try. If you want to check it out here’s a link for you.

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