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It’s been said many times that “hitting a baseball” is one of the hardest things to do in sports. (No problem, this is my baseball hitting tips for all hitters). After all, the ball is round, the bat is round and you, the batter, are expected to hit the ball squarely. That is, your job is to make solid contact. And that is not easy to accomplish. Fortunately, sound and sensible “batting tips for baseball” are readily available.

Follow the simple instructions the tips provide and you can become a good hitter and a successful baseball player. Here is what you have to do …

9 Tips Help  You Become A Good Hitter And An “Offensive Threat”

The difference between good hitters and mediocre hitters can be stated in one simple sentence. Good hitters make solid contact with the ball with far greater frequency than mediocre hitters. You can become a good hitter, perhaps even a great hitter, by putting the tips below into practice.

1. Start Slowly 

Because learning to hit well is difficult and takes time.

That’s because hitters are not born, they are developed through hard work and lots of practice. After all, the challenge for hitters of all ages is to hit a thrown ball that may be darting and shifting in position (such as a curve ball) as it crosses the plate.

You, the hitter, have only a split second to decide where to swing, when to swing and how fast to swing. You will adjust to all of those factors and ultimately succeed if you are blessed with great vision, quick reflexes, upper body strength and a desire to learn and continuously improve.​ You should see more this article.

2. Use Batting Gloves And The Right Bat

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Batting gloves are optional, but many players use them. That’s because gloves enable a batter to get a better and more secure grip on the bat. And that leads to solid contact with the ball. Young players should also avoid using heavy bats that slow swings.

If a bat is too heavy, a hitter can “choke up” an inch or two to improve bat speed. It is best, however, to start with a lightweight bat. That will lead to improved hitting.

3. Set Yourself Up Properly In The Batter’s Box

There are two boxes. One is on either side of home plate. The batter’s box on the left side is for right-handed hitters while the batter’s box on the right side of the plate is for those who hit left-handed.

Batters can always give themselves an advantage when they enter the batter’s box. If the pitcher throws hard, a batter can set up near the back of the batter’s box to gain a split second more time to react to a fast pitch.

When a pitcher throws “soft” or off-speed pitches, it is wise for a batter to “move up in the box,” keep the weight of his upper body and his hands back and let the pitch reach the plate before swinging. Of course, all batters should wear a protective helmet when at the plate.

4. Grip The Bat Properly For Best Results

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A batter’s hands should touch one another. That indicates a “secure hold” and reduces the chance of the bat “slipping out of one’s hands” as the result of a “swing and miss.”

Right-handed hitters should have their left hand on top while it is the reverse for left-handed hitters. The bat should be held about six inches away from the chest and above the shoulders with both knees slightly bent.

That is the batting position that gives you a great chance to hit the ball consistently and hard.

5. Keep Your Eyes On The Ball

It stands to reason that you can’t hit what you can’t see. So, all hitters should keep their eyes on the pitcher while holding their heads as steady and still as possible. You can then follow the ball as it leaves the pitcher’s hand and travels toward the plate.

That gaze should remain constant when swinging at the ball. Simply stated, if you see the ball, you have a very good chance of hitting the ball.

6. Maximize Your Power By Striding Into The Ball

Using a “timing mechanism” can make you a very good hitter. For instance, if you bat right-handed, you can lift your left leg slightly to “start your swing” and then stride forward about one foot as the pitched ball nears the plate.

Striding in that manner builds your momentum and helps you to hit the ball with power and authority. Of course, you need to keep your weight back until you swing and you must also be able to “stop your swing” if the pitch is out of the strike zone.

7. Make Sure Your Swing Is Level

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Young hitters tend to end their swing in an uppercut motion where the bat starts low and ends high. It is much better to work on a level swing in practice and in actual games. You will have a much better chance of making contact and reaching base safely.

8. Complete Your Follow-through on Every Swing

You have to “swing through the ball” if you want to hit it hard. When you do that, your swing continues after contact and enables you to hit with bat speed and power. And that will turn you into a hitter that pitchers fear.

9. Get Ready To Run

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Baseball is a game of “hit and run.” When you make contact, drop the bat (don’t throw it) and start “running the bases.” If you get out of the batter’s box quickly, you will always have a good chance of reaching first base safely.

More Very Valuable Tips

You are now armed with “the basics” you need to become a good hitter. Here are several more very valuable tips…

  • Always understand the game situation when you enter the batter’s box
  • Slow your heart rate by taking a deep breath
  • Look for your pitch and avoid “the pitcher’s pitch”
  • Always set up to hit the fast ball because it is easier to adjust your swing and your timing from a fast pitch to a slow pitch.
  • Keep things simple to get better results
  • Step out of the batter’s box after each pitch so that you can take a moment to think about what you’re trying to do.

Baseball can be fun if you play it well. And if you follow the tips provided here, you are likely to “love the game.”

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