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Baseball is a game built around hitting, running, catching and throwing. Athletes play this game and,they generally are blessed with the natural ability to hit, run and catch. But it takes more to throw a baseball hard and fast.

While every player can throw a ball softly, with ease, throwing it hard and fast isa skill that has to be developed. Here are some tips to help you learn “how to throw a baseball harder.”

Follow These Simple Steps To Improve Your Ability To Throw a Ball With “Speed And Power”

Pitchers and position players in the infield and outfield need to be able to throw a baseball with velocity and power. The mechanics required to do that are generally the same for all players.

Here are ten simple steps that can help you develop the necessary arm strength to consistently throw a baseball harder and faster …​

Step 1: Start By “Warming Up” With a Throwing Partner

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When you begin any training session designed to add power to your throwing, it’s necessary to “loosen up your muscles.” You can do that by“playing catch” with a partner and throwing softly back and forth for about five to ten minutes.

If, on the other hand, you opt to throw too hard too quickly, you risk serious injury. So, make sure you start with“soft tossing” every time you are in a training session and before games, as well.

Step 2: Use Your Entire Body To Get Power Into Your Throws

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When it comes to throwing a ball hard, many people believe that the needed power comes from a player’s legs. In truth, power comes from the use of the whole body. So, if you throw right-handed, for instance, you need to do the following:

  • (A) Put your left foot in front of your body.
  • (B) Point your shoulders so that they directly face your target.
  • (C) Bring the ball back so that it is behind you.
  • (D) Push off of your back foot as you begin your throwing motion.
  • (E) Rotate your hips and shoulders in the direction of your target.
  • ​(F) Release the baseball as it passes your head.
  • (G) Follow-through with your shoulders and back foot to maximize velocity and power.

Step 3: Set Up In An Athletic Position

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You already know how to throw a baseball with average speed. A proper stance can help you throw harder. So, put your hands in the middle of your body, ready to throw. Then, keep your knees slightly bent, a position that has you ready to “spring into action.” You also need to stand upright with your spine and back straight and aligned.

Step 4: Stride Powerfully Forward With Your Left Foot

If you’re a right-handed pitcher, this is your step off the mound, a move that generates speed and power. If you’re an infielder or outfielder, striding helps you get more power behind your throw. As a pitcher, your throwing arm should stay back at the elbow as your knee comes up.

Then, as your leg “kicks” forward, you can start to complete your throwing motion. Infielders and outfielders do not have to bring their knees up to throw, but should bring the ball back and then forward, using full forward body motion to propel the ball toward its target.

Step 5: Push Off Your Back Foot To Create Real Throwing Power

This is how you can create real throwing velocity and power. As you step forward with one foot, your back foot provides “push off” power. Then, as the ball comes forward toward your head, the movement of your feet causes your hips to rotate toward your target as your arm completes the throwing motion. It all creates great “torque”and power, allowing you to throw the ball harder.

Step 6: Cock Your Arm When Your Right (Lead) Foot Lands

This is the real key to throwing a ball with power. As your front foot lands, your elbow should be cocked behind you at a ninety degree angle with the baseball in your hand and in position just above your head. This is the throwing position that will enable you to be known as a “power thrower”.

Step 7: Release The Ball As Your Body Moves Forward

You’ll create follow-through and power if you allow your back leg and throwing arm to keep moving forward as you release the ball and propel it toward your target.

Step 8: Close Your Fingers On The Laces On The Ball

When you do that you’ll get a little extra power while releasing the ball because there will be “spin” on the ball which will stabilize it in flight as it flies toward the target.

Step 9: Relax Your Muscles Before You Throw

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If you try to throw hard without proper preparation,you risk injury. That’s because raw strength has little to do with throwing speed. It is mechanics, the use of proper technique that enables you to throw a ball hard, fast and accurately.

In fact, when you consciously try to throw hard, you tend to jerk your head, causing your mechanics to suffer and the ball you’ve thrown actually moves through the air with less speed and power. Loose arms and a relaxed body transmit more energy and help you to throw a ball with greater speed.

Step 10: Imagine Your Power And How It Can Work For You

Your athletic ability and the power in your arm that lets you throw a ball hard comes from your whole body, not just from your legs. Keep that in mind when you prepare to throw a ball with velocity and power. Allow your body to work for you by“putting your entire body” into the throw. The results will put a smile on your face.

These tips, if followed, will turn you into a more complete and better baseball player. Importantly, they are easy to understand, to learn and to use to your advantage.Here is something else that is important …

If you have a baseball question, there’s a good chance that I have a useful answer for you. Find out for yourself. Send me one or more questions today. I’ll respond quickly. And if you prefer to simply “talk baseball,” I welcome your comments, as well.

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